Perform PHP-Code with marked records in multiple form

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here my problem I couldn’t solve.

I have a multiple register with 10 records.
In the left row I can mark for example record number 1,3,6 and 7. The other records rest unmarked. (I use the checkbox in the left row)

I define a button and I want to define a PHP loop, so that I can to something with the marked records without effecting the other records. For example I want to increase then price of the marked products. update proce set proce = price * 1.1

But how do I get the promary key of evere record and how can I test, wheter the record was marked in checkbox or not…

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Uwe Pfeiffer

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This is the reason I hesitate to buy this product…

No response from support !!!

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uwe Pfeiffer

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Hello Mr. Pfeiffer,

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To solve your problem you have to use the onValidate event, checking what’s checkbox is marked.

if ({mycheck}== ‘1’){ // value 1 i defined in the field if is checked

//sc_exec_sql(“UPDATE tbl SET field = [var] WHERE ID = {ID}”);


Best Regards,

Vítor Jamil