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Autor Tópico: double select filter by form field  (Lida 1394 vezes)


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double select filter by form field
« Online: Maio 23, 2013, 01:04:11 pm »
Sorry beeing in english ;)
I'm facing a problem:
I have a multi-select main category in field cat1 , and other multi-select category 2, that is related with cat1, that means each cat2 is related with one or more cat1, in a colum in table cat2 (like 1,2,5 ) , and Im only showing the cat2 related with the chosen cat1.
thos is the senario :
name : id
XX     : 1
YY      :2
ZZ     :3

name : id : cat1_id
AAA : 1 : 2
BBB : 2 : 1,2
CCC : 3 : 2

In cat2 select, I'm using cat1 field var in the select , in order to filter cat2.
The problem is that when chossing cat1 YY (2), only shows me in cat2 : AAA and CCC.
from debug noticed that sc is creatin the select in where : where cat1_id in ('2') , is passing a string (that what it realy is), but that way is not showing cat2 BBB, if i run the select in mysql and use where cat1_id in (2) instead of where cat1_id in ('2'), it get the expected result.
Is there any way to force not using the '' ?
Please help on this, my application have this issues in a lot of places ;)